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Mr. and Mrs. CASSAN Emmanuel and Christine, the lessors, residing at


Tel: 06 65 96 96 19 / Email:


- Acceptance of all the terms of this document constitutes a rental contract between the parties -






The rented premises are furnished and can accommodate a maximum of 2-3 persons per accommodation, depending on accommodation

They are located at the following address:



Tel: 06 65 96 96 19 / Email:


- Units available for rent -

Finches Nest: Studio Type on the ground floor, 25 m², 2 rooms, toilet, bathroom

Chickadees Nest: Studio Type on the ground floor, 25 m², 2 rooms, toilet, bathroom

Doves Nest : Type F1 en rez de jardin, 35 m², 3 rooms, Bedroom, living room-kitchen, Bathroom

Little Owl's Room: Ground floor room, 18 m², 1 room with toilet and bathroom

(Evolving list)


In case the number of occupants exceeds the specified limit, the tenant agrees to inform the lessor, who may charge an additional fee. The maximum number remains 2 persons per apartment, 3 for the Doves Nest.



2 - RENT


The amount of the rent has been notified to you during the online reservation, along with the tourist tax amount.





The reservation will become effective once the tenant has accepted the general rental conditions and paid a 30% deposit of the total rental amount.

The deposit is paid online via a secure payment system by credit card through the PayPal platform.

Upon this payment, the reservation is immediately confirmed.

A confirmation email of your stay reservation will be sent to you shortly.

The balance payment must be settled:

Either online by credit card through the PayPal platform (A direct link will be sent to you) no later than 14 days before the arrival date.

Or on the day of arrival for cash payment.

No keys will be handed over without full payment for the stay.

Any additional services chosen by the tenant will be payable on-site.





- At the tenant's initiative -

In case of cancellation, the total amount of the rental remains due.

However, if the cancellation occurs more than 14 days before the arrival date, only the deposit will remain due.

In case of early termination of the stay by the tenant, and if the owner's responsibility is not involved, no refund will be made.

Some reservations from partner websites may have different cancellation conditions, please refer to your confirmation email for reservations from partners.


- At the initiative of Chante-Cevennes -

The entire amount paid would then be refunded to you.





A check (not cashed) for 15% of the total rent will be requested upon your arrival as a security deposit.

It will be returned to you upon departure, subject to the good condition of your accommodation.





The duration of the stay is determined at the time of online booking.

Check-in and Check-out -

Check-in is between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

During your reservation, we will ask you to specify your arrival time more precisely so that we can welcome you under the best conditions. In case of delay, it is imperative to inform us by phone so that we can organize accordingly.

Check-out is between 8:00 am and 10:00 am.

We will meet you on-site at the time you have set for the inventory and the return of keys.

Under no circumstances can the tenant claim any right to remain on the premises at the end of the initially planned period.





Each accommodation undergoes a complete inventory of its contents and condition between each client.

The tenant is responsible for checking its contents and reporting any anomalies, missing items, or damages within 24 hours of arrival. If no remarks are made within this period, the tenant will be presumed to have received the rented premises in good condition and must return them as such unless proven otherwise (Article 1731 of the Civil Code).





Responsible for all damages occurring from their actions, the tenant is required to be covered by vacation rental insurance for rental risks (theft, fire, water damage). Therefore, they must verify if their main home insurance contract includes vacation extension (holiday rental) and provide proof upon request to the owner.





Housekeeping - Hygiene being an absolute condition, cleaning is mandatory between two clients. The service, charged at 30 €, is included in the payment or paid on the day of arrival in case of cash payment. Due to Covid-19 and for impeccable hygiene, systematic disinfection of sensitive areas in the cottage is carried out by us after each tenant, in addition to regular cleaning. Dishes and kitchen utensils must be returned clean and stored in the cupboards. We thank you for leaving the cottage as clean as you found it.


- Internet -

Free Wi-Fi access is available. The tenant agrees to use this access in compliance with the applicable laws. The owner cannot be held responsible for fluctuations in the internet speed.


- Parking -

Private parking is reserved for tenants in front of the accommodations.


- Pets -

Pets are not allowed. They are incompatible with the cats, chickens, hedgehogs, foxes, deer, and other hares that inhabit the estate.


- No smoking policy -

Ashtrays will be provided exclusively in outdoor areas. The Mediterranean forest is very sensitive - Prefectural fire ban all year round.


- Tourist tax -

The tourist tax is not included in our rates. An additional invoice will be made based on the rate applied by the municipality of SAINT-MARTIN-DE-LONDRES. Updated annually.


- Swimming pool -

The estate's pool is in operation from May to October (depending on weather conditions). Sunscreen oils and creams should be limited to preserve water quality. Pool access is reserved for tenants and strictly prohibited to any outsiders. Shoes are not allowed inside the pool. The lessor cannot be held responsible for accidents that may occur on the property or outside. The tenant engages their responsibility and personal insurance.


- Linens -

The linens provided or rented to tenants must remain inside the accommodations. The use of towels provided is not permitted around the pool or for any use outside the accommodation.


- Water/Electricity consumption -

In an ecological concern, the tenant agrees to use water and electricity reasonably. Excessive consumption during their stay may result in an additional flat fee of €30 for water and/or electricity.


- Equipment and facilities -

The use of various equipment and materials made available to the tenant (complimentary or for rent) remains the sole responsibility of the tenant. They declare having insurance covering all incidents or damages that may occur when using these. They waive holding the Chante-Cevennes estate owners liable in any way. The tenant cannot hold the owner responsible for any bodily or material damages caused to third parties or themselves.


- Specific obligations -

Children under 16 years old are not allowed in our cottages (Adult Only). The practice of any profession is prohibited on the estate. The tenant acknowledges that the premises they occupy are rented to them only as temporary residence. Subletting is prohibited. The tenant agrees not to cause disturbances in the neighborhood. The tenant agrees not to alter the premises or the arrangement of furniture in any way.


- Use of premises -

The accommodations are provided to the tenant in a perfectly maintained condition and consistent with the description provided. The tenant will use them as a prudent person would. They will enjoy the rental peacefully and use it appropriately, in accordance with the premises' intended use.

Upon departure, the tenant undertakes to return the furnished accommodation in good condition: Trash emptied, dishes cleaned and put away, grill cleaned (inside/outside).

The tenant agrees to adhere to the following rules :

Use the premises for temporary residence and for private purposes during their tourist or professional stay. Ensure that the premises are occupied by the signatory of the contract and accompanying persons, never exceeding the indicated capacity. The rental cannot, under any circumstances, benefit third parties. Refrain from any action that may disturb the neighborhood's peace. In the event of a complaint for nuisance, only the tenant's responsibility will be engaged. Comply with regulations, rules, and ordinances in force, especially regarding hygiene, safety, roads, public order, cleanliness, and public peace.


- Parties or any other "events" are not allowed -




- By booking, you confirm that you have read and fully accept the terms and conditions of our holiday rentals above -