Chante-Cévennes, Nature, Comfort, Tourism

Our gîtes are a base for tourism. The region is full of tourist spots. Whether you are on vacation or training at the "Hameau de l'étoile", all the local activities are available to you :

Hike, bike, motorcycle, put on your swimsuit, go to the cool of our caves (Spéléo), browse the typical markets (Mercato), visit our cultural and historical heritage (Château), marvel in our parks and gardens (Phyto).

Finally, recover your energy in our Restaurants (Resto) before setting off again.

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    Discover the infinite curves of the Cevennes. Fall from one angle to the other and chain the "pif-paf" until you are thirsty.

    From Saint-Guilhem to the Saint-Baudille mount, from the blind valley to the Aigoual mount, from Navacelle to the Dourbie gorges, from Florac to the Corniche, from the Tarn gorges to those of the Ardèche, from Ganges to Vigan, from Montdardier to Saint André de Capcèze !

    Hérault, Aveyron, Gard, Ardèche, Tarn, Lozère ! Not knowing where to put your right hand!

    How many times will you have to stay with us to enjoy all the landscapes, all the roads, all the curves, all the restaurants ? You'll have to get up early to meet all the biker brothers who live in the region and to put your gumshoes on all the roads of the area...

    So take a look at the following sites :



    MOUNTAIN BIKE ? VTC ? VAE ? Road ? Whatever the model of your bike and the hopes of escape that you place in the Cevennes, you will have to get used to it : you will never overcome the cycling potential of our region.

    From the plateau, to the hillside, to the bend, to the path, to the hill, to the steep, to the dizzying, to the stroll, to the sporty, to the bucolic or to the sharp...

    Plan to stay with us for a long time to enjoy your passion for two wheels and your taste for effort. No doubt about it, to keep going, you'll have to eat pasta, lots of it !

    Sharp as razors or simply pedal-powered, how many times will you have to stay with us in order to get to grips with the unthinkable diversity of our roads and paths ?

    Take a look at the following sites :



    Do you have an itchy spike ? Do you dream of romantic picnics ?  Summits to conquer ? Are you a time trial nut ? An improbable trail ? A quiet stroll along a river framed by splendid gorges ? Come and rub shoulders with the first folds of the Cevennes. Yes, you read correctly, it is only the first folds and you are already exhausted of pedestrian happiness, and of a joy which winds along infinite paths... You'll have to get used to it, you're going to stay with us longer than expected!

But let the poet speak :

    "Nothing is charming, in my opinion, like this way of traveling. - On foot! - One belongs to oneself, one is free, one is joyful; one is all and undivided to the incidents of the road, to the farm where one lunches, to the tree where one shelters, to the church where one meditates. We leave, we stop, we leave again; nothing hinders, nothing holds us back. We go and we dream before us. The walk rocks the reverie; the reverie veils the tiredness. The beauty of the landscape hides the length of the road." - (Victor Hugo)

    So take a look at the following sites, you will see that you will have to consider coming with Kayland, Adidas, Merrels or new Mammut. It's hike, it's backpack, it's gift :



    You may have thought that in the Hérault, jersey rhymes with mediterranean ? Surprise ! In the back country, even if we know how to appreciate a salty swim in the big blue at the beginning of the morning, it is in the hundreds of meanders of our rivers that we will refresh our bodies (of dream...) !
    Waterfalls, baths, beaches, jumps, shade, sun, cliffs, islands, sand, pebbles...

    Be welcome in the gorges of the Hérault, the Buège, the Vis, the Héric, the Colombières, the Tarn...

    Jump into the lakes of Salagou, Raviège, Vésoles, Laouzas, Monts d'Orb, Olivettes, Crès, Jouarres, Jasse, Matane, Rieucoulon...

    Picnic in front of the waterfalls of Vis, Sautadet, Forces, Evantail, Ravine des Arcs, Hérault (between Gard and Lozère), Navacelle (at the bottom of the cirque)...

    You can sunbathe, canoe, kayak, paddle, canyoning, kite-surfing, sailing, boating, barge trips, scuba diving, spa treatments, sea/river fishing, water walking...

    If after that you don't leave with a tan and full of energy, you didn't stay long enough...

     So take a look at the following sites, you'll see that you'll have to stay in the water much longer than expected :



    Too hot ? Want to be cool and quiet, but still get a good look ? The solution exists : visit a cave !


    Young, fun and exciting guides. Well-stocked stores, restaurants and terraces used to tourists, racks, calculated lighting, coolness and, to top it all off, entertainment you have no idea of !

    Gospel choirs, underground concerts, shows of all kinds (day or night), escape games, speleoparks, safaris, zip lines...


    Visit the caves of Clamouse, Labeil, Demoiselles or, if you want to know more about the history of speleology, the cave of the glass spinner.

    You want more ? All the caves of Languedoc-Roussillon offer you their stalactites. Dargilan, Salamander, Limousis, Cocalière, Armand cave, Bramabiau abyss, Trabuc cave, Cabrespine giant abyss or, more sportive, Soustelle cave...

    So take a look at the following sites, you will see that you will have to stay underground longer than expected :



To your headlamps, let's go for the adventure...

I call it 'Selfie'



    The weekly markets give rhythm to the life of the towns and villages of the Hérault hinterland. It is a chance for the locals and a chance for the tourists!

   At a time when we all need to favor short circuits, "going to the market" has become trendy again. You will find human contact, mostly local products, colors, movement, life!

    Many communes organize a local market once a week in the Hérault. The closest to the domain are those of Saint-Martin-de-Londres (Sundays), of course, but also those of Causse de la Selle (Saturdays), of Les Matelles (every other Sunday), of Valflonès (Sundays)...

  Of course, if you are ready to go a little further, all the markets of the Hérault are open to you!

    So take a look at the following sites, you'll see that you'll have to digest much longer than expected :


To your seasonal fruits, and may the greediest win...

Fruit and vegetable joke



    So working on your physical condition by motorbike-trekking-jersey-spelunking is good, but you should also think about using your calf juice to cultivate yourself.

    In this respect, the Hérault and the Cévennes can provide you with material for weeks and weeks.

    Curious about our history and heritage, let yourself be guided among all our castles, abbeys, museums, cathedrals, village hearts, gardens, oppidums, bridges...

    Get ready to discover a rich and colorful past that has made us and our region what we are today.

    Take a look at the following sites and you'll see that you'll have to visit for much longer than expected :

Saint-Jacques de Compostelle



    If you're going to walk, you might as well walk in beautiful places, right ?

The parks, gardens and arboretums of the Hérault and the Cévennes are there to show you their flowers, their beneficial shade, their greenery, their small fragrant paths, their immense trees that were there long before us and will be there long after.

   With our feet in the humus, our noses in the greenery and our eyes on the rocks, we make our own the adage : "Man believes that the Earth belongs to him, whereas it is man who belongs to the Earth".

    It is in this atmosphere populated by birds, silence and light and shade that the gardens of our Cevennes welcome you.

    Take a look at the following sites, you will see that you will have to meditate much longer than expected :



    But tell me, after having walked, ridden, dived, visited, learned a thousand things, isn't it time to eat ?

    Of course, the possibilities of restaurants are enormous in a department as touristic as the Hérault. Nevertheless, when it's time to choose, perhaps a selection of good addresses would be appreciated.

    To you "La bonne Excuse", "Le saint-bonheur", "Le temps d'aime" among other myriads of inns of all kinds.

    Take a look at the following websites, you will see that you will need an iron will to resist to all these small dishes :

Mussels in white wine sauce